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Terms of Use of website:

Our website, https://www.tattavloka.com is designed to disseminate information on our Institution and offer a suite of services. Any one logging into this URL has access to the information which is in the public domain.

Our main activity is the publication of a monthly English magazine, Tattvaloka. We also publish, at periodic intervals, books, board games and other literature. Our website provides a facility to subscribe, Online, for our magazine as also buy our publications. The facility is available for subscribers in India as well as overseas.

A user can register in our website and thereafter make a subscription / buy books as per his choice. The credentials for login to the website and access the magazines for online reading / download will be the email ID registered and Password chosen at the time of registration.

Subscription Policy:

A subscriber is free to choose the type (Printed copy or Online Reading/Download only), and period of subscription. The details of various types / tenors of subscription currently available (for delivery within India and outside India) appear in the Home Page of our website.

A subscription, once made, will be current for the chosen period. The subscriber cannot cancel his subscription during the period of its currency. The magazine will be sent every month during the validity of the subscription.

In exceptional cases, at the discretion of Tattvaloka and on subscriber’s request, the mailing of magazine for a defined period can be suspended and the subscription’s validity correspondingly extended. Such decisions will be taken by Tattvaloka on a case to case basis.

We despatch our monthly magazine around the 10th of each month. In case of non-receipt of the magazine, we will be pleased to send a replacement copy, provided we are notified on the non-receipt by email to: info@tattvaloka.com before the end of the relative month.

Refund Policy:

A subscription made to Tattvaloka cannot be cancelled during its currency and, therefore, the question of refund would not arise. However, in the event of a double / multiple payments made due to whatever reason, Tattvaloka provides an option to the subscriber to either extend the subscription for the period corresponding to the additional payment made, or to seek refund of the excess amount paid. We commit to make a refund in such cases.

The subscriber can also change the type of subscription (from Printed copy to Online Reading/Download only and vice-versa). The period of subscription will be changed as appropriate.

At the request of the subscriber and at Tattvaloka’s sole discretion, the name of the subscriber can be changed under specific circumstances.

Privacy Statement:

Tattvaloka’s website is SSL certified (https://). The payment gateways used by us also carry appropriate security certification. These provide adequate security to the users at the application and data levels.

We collect only basic data on subscribers – name, address, email ID as mandatory. Other information – mobile number, age and profession are non-mandatory, collected only for MIS. The Passwords of subscribers are stored in an encrypted format and not available for view to any user in Tattvaloka.

We use data on subscribers only for the purpose of maintaining their subscription records and for administrative activities such as despatch of magazines / books, renewal of subscriptions and correspondence.

Subscriber data is never shared with anyone outside the organisation. Even within Tattvaloka, the data can be accessed only by authorised users, strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis. Privacy of subscribers and their data is accorded paramount importance under a robust governance framework.

A self-service facility is provided to the subscribers, with a facility to view the status and history of their subscription on an on-going basis, and to change their address and password.

We do not send unsolicited mails to subscribers and public. Communication sent would broadly relate to normal marketing activities and dissemination of information relating to our area of operations.

We constantly endeavour to sensitise our subscribers on proper and safe use of technology platforms, our website in particular, and hand-hold them to become avid users of technology.

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