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Here are some ways in which you can support our mission to spread sanatana dharma:

• Gift Subscriptions

Consider offering one or more gift subscriptions of Tattvãloka to your friends and relatives. This is a lasting token of love and affection, and also a good form of vidya dhan (gift of knowledge).

Corporate business houses can consider bulk gift subscriptions for a year to their employees, business associates and others. We undertake to mail the copies month after month with a special message to the recipient from the sponsor.

We offer special subscription rate for bulk gift subscriptions. Ask us for details.

• Support Publication of Books

You can underwrite the cost of bringing out one or more of books on various subjects that we publish from time to time, such as the Power of Gayatri, Siva, Hanuman, and the Sages of Sringeri. You can support reprints of the books.

We carry grateful messages of sponsor support in our books.

Please ask us for details.

• Advertise in Tattvãloka

We carry advertisements in Tattvãloka from leading business and corporate houses in the private and public sector. Advertisers may offer their usual product ads for display, or simple messages of support to highlight their commitment to ethical values. We can assist in coming up with appropriate messages if required.

Companies have chosen to insert repeat ads, or support supplements that appear in Tattvãloka from time to time.

Please ask for our rate card.

• Donations

We welcome donations and financial support. Even the smallest amount makes a difference and keeps things going. You can support Tattvãloka in a truly great spirit by helping to fund us.

All contributions are tax deductible under Section 80G of Indian Income Tax, since we are functioning under the aegis of an educational trust as a non-profit organisation. Donations may be made in the name of Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri.

Ask us for more details.

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