Mantras for Peace of Mind

Ancient rishis left this potent talisman for our benefit. It is important that the mantras, to be efficacious, must be learnt from a guru, and not just read from books.


A talisman left by ancient rishis for our benefit.
A 22-page condensation of a practical guide by Dada J. P. Vaswani, an eminent writer on Indian philosophy. The book demystifies mantras of their abstraction and esoteric aspects and brings them closer to our hearts. He has chosen some of his favourite mantras, and provided his characteristically lucid and eloquent expositions on the significance of each mantra.

Easy to practise, chanting of mantras gives us the rare gift of peace of mind, calmness and tranquility, freedom from needless tension and anxiety. They help us conquer negative thinking and lower sense-desires.
Mantras generate a new spiritual energy that clears the mind of past samskaras and accumulated vasanas which drag us through the ceaseless cycle of births and deaths. Constant chanting or remembrance of the mantra takes us closer to God.
Choose your favourite mantra; make it your own; internalise its energy, its positive vibrations and its life-giving pulse. Repeat it constantly until it becomes part of your consciousness. Believe me; it can transform your life!
Japa yoga--repetition of the Name Divine is the easiest sadhana available to us today. The power of the name is focused and concentrated in the great mantras that have come down to us from our ancient scriptures. We know that they were heard in states of elevated consciousness by realised souls and handed down to us for our benefit.

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