Jagadguru Speaks

Atma Alone Is Real, Not This World

Some people desire moksha even from childhood. Staying in solitude, away from the crowd, eating sattvik food alone, and reading books on Vedanta come naturally to them. Gradually, they get inclined to dhyana also.  This can be explained by the accrual of merits (punya) earned over several births.

However, while indulging in worldly matters due to colossal ignorance of previous births, the conception of the Self in the body, etc., comes up in a moment again and again as also the conception of the reality of the universe.

But this misleading impression will fade away following their cultivation of single-minded dhyana.

Therefore, the sadhaks should always contemplate on the Self as distinct from the body and similarly on the unreality of the world, constantly.

If they keep this thought deeply imprinted on the mind, they can remain calm, unperturbed and untainted even when engrossed in mundane matters.