Jagadguru Speaks

SattvicLife Alone Leads to Happiness

Man cannot remain without any action. Impelled by nature he will always be engaged in some activity or other. If his actions are of a sattvic (good or conducive) nature, they will bestow happiness on him both in this and the other world.

The first step, then, is for him to keep the mind and senses under control. Without such control, he cannot properly understand any situation. He will misjudge good things as bad and bad things as good.

He, who is ignorant of his dharma and is led by his uncontrolled senses, may be forced into a situation in which he will have to lose his wealth, wife or even his life.

Therefore, his actions should be guided only by dharma. For this, a sattvic buddhi is indispensable. And this entails performing one's actions in tune with the Sastras.

Such a person alone can understand what should, and should not, be done; what entails bondage and what leads to moksha. He is indeed a viveki or a man with discrimination.

We bless all to grasp this point well and adopt a sattvic way of life.