Jagadguru Speaks

Become Eligible for Guru’s Grace

Man must be always eager to know what is good for him. The Sastras and Itihasa Puranas are there to show him the sreyo marga (righteous path). But, these days it is difficult for one to read and understand them independently. Neither is there time for that.

Therefore, it will be good to understand the intricacies of the Sastras step by step from elders. If one has a staunch faith in God, soon God himself will appear as a jnanaguru (one who imparts knowledge) and bless him along the sreyo marga.

He will then begin to realise the world as a dream.  He will understand the cycle of karmas and recurring rebirths to reap the fruits of those karmas. By guru’s grace, he will gradually begin to understand and experience the subtleties of Vedantic truths. But it is first essential for the jijnasu to become eligible for the guru's anugraha.

To give an example, only the genuine lotus flower blossoms by sun’s rays; not a stone or a piece of wood. Likewise, Atmabodha (Self-knowledge) dawns only on him who earns the guru’s grace by serving him sincerely and whole-heartedly.

We bless all to understand this and progress in life.