Jagadguru Speaks

Guru’s Advice--A Guiding Principle

Ups and downs are routine in a man's life. Experience teaches that one need not be extremely elated or poignantly depressed about this. To overcome hurdles or when beset by sorrow, one must adhere to the guru's advice. 

Counselling by friends may sometimes give good results and sometimes not. That is why the Sastras say one must base one’s life on the advice of a realised guru.

Guru's advice, on the other hand, may initially seem bitter. But if one adheres to the path shown by him, his mind will become clear and problems will be solved. He will also attain happiness.  This happiness is known as affable happiness (sattvikaanandam).


Likewise, it is all right for one to attempt to progress in one’s occupation. But sometimes situations may put one in a dilemma over deciding which way is correct--this or that. At such times one should not adopt the path that looks merely attractive, as it may lead to one’s downfall. The path that finally leads to good growth must be chosen, though it may show lesser results to start with.

In fact, experience teaches that only a realised guru’s guidance gives happiness in this and the other world.

We bless all to understand this clearly and base their lives on guru’s upadesa.