Jagadguru Speaks

Follow Dharma Marga at All Costs

Man can learn many lessons from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the like on how to be and how not to be, and what can be done and what should not be done.  For example, we must learn how Dharmaputra adhered to dharma under varying circumstances.

We must never be like Duryodhana. Despite the Pandavas being good, he was always looking for blemishes in them.  This is the nature of bad people. Persons with wicked tendencies will never see the good in others; they will only be keen to spot out shortcomings.

Whoever aspires for wealth and prosperity must first stick to the dharmic path because dharma and wealth are inseparable. They are always together. 

Similarly, one must not harm those who follow the paths of dharma, such as ahimsa. One must understand the subtleties of dharma before sitting in judgment on anything. Besides, prosperity won by cruel means is doomed to perish. Only that which is earned through just means will reach the children and last for the next generation also.

Therefore, we bless all to remain in the dharma marga.