Jagadguru Speaks

Students Should Guard Against Impediments

Education, culture and wealth are important for man's progress in life. 

Of them, education is most important.

During study period, every vidyarthi (student) should guard against becoming a slave to comfort and worldly attractions. If he does not take care, his entire study will be fruitless. 

He must make sure that study alone is important during that period.

Similarly, he should not be envious of others.  Instead, he must cultivate the thought that he must also study well like the others so engaged.

Sastrascompare jealousy to death and warn that harsh and excessive words will destroy his wealth.

Likewise, lack of attention to the teacher in the class, hasty actions and pride are sworn enemies to knowledge.

Every vidyarthi should keep away from these defects from the very beginning.

Moreover, smriti cautions against seven blemishes. They are: Laziness, pride, waywardness, idle gossip, obstinacy, self-conceit and unrelenting attitude.


No vidyarthi should give room to these seven impediments.

We bless all to keep this in mind and progress in studies and life.