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Sastras, the Safest Guide for a Good Life

Sastrasshow the righteous path (shreya marga) to man. We know from experience that one who adheres to the path to the extent possible will be comfortable in life.  When the mind is agitated about what is good and what is bad and when an act is good or bad, following the Sastras will be most beneficial.  Sastras are the final authority  for man’s treading the right path and avoiding the evil.

Sri Krishna Paramatma says in the Gita:

What is considered dharma at certain times may turn into adharma when circumstances change. Therefore, nothing else except Sastras can show the right path, says Sankara Bhagavadpada admirably in his bhashya.

If a man, not knowing the difference between dharma and adharma, leads a whimsical life, his intellect is considered as tamasic (dull).

Therefore, if people, conduct their lives in accordance with the Sastras to the extent possible, by discriminating between good and bad, they will be happy in this world and the next. 

We bless all to understand this well.