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Jagadguru Speaks

April 2016

Be Ever Intent to Help

March 2016

Dedicate Your Actions To God And Excel

February 2016

Shed Anger, Help Others And Ennoble Your Life

January 2016

Altruism Is Personally Rewarding Too

December 2015

Regular Study of Gita Steadies The Mind

November 2015

Selfless Help Enhances Spiritual Growth

October 2015

Let Bhagavad Gita Be Your Life's Guide

September 2015

Remove Ignorance And Reach God

August 2015

Devotion To God Is The Best Form Of Prayer

July 2015

Surrender And Service To Guru Lead To Liberation

June 2015

Wake Up To Atma Jnana

May 2015

Karma Essential to attain Jnana

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    Who but the Atman is capable of remove the bonds of ignorance, passion and self-interested action?
    Adi Sankara

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