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December 2014

Students Should Guard Against Impediments
Education, culture and wealth are...

November 2014

Sastras Stress Purity of Speech
Sastras teach man many subtle matters. ...

October 2014

Mind is a key instrument for man.
Kept under control, it gives happiness. On...

September 2014

Follow Dharma Marga at All Costs
Man can learn many lessons from the Ramayana...

August 2014

Accept Happenings with Equanimity
It is justifiable that man always aspires...

July 2014

Sattvic Life Alone Leads to Happiness
Man cannot remain without any action...

June 2014

Jnani Is Dear to God.
Devotion to God is imperative for man....

May 2014

Celebrate Sankara Jayanti in a Fitting Manner
One among the several avatars ...

April 2014

Guru’s Advice--A Guiding Principle
Ups and downs are routine in a man...

March 2014

Sat Sanga Aids Spiritual Growth
It is really good for man to have sraddha and...

February 2014

Dharma Indispensable in Life
Practice of Dharma is indispensable in man’...

January 2014

Attain Moksha through Intense Guru Seva
Man’s inclination towards moksha...

November 2013

God knows everything.
He knows whom to bless, when and to what...

December 2013

Attain Moksha through Intense Guru Seva
Until man attains jnana and moksha, he...

October 2013

God, the Ever Compassionate and Supreme
  God knows everything. Not even...

September 2013

A Clean, Pure Mind Reflects God
God knows everything. He is everywhere. He is...

August 2013

Significance of Temple Worship
God is eternal--without any change in past, present and future. He is present...

July 2013

Guidelines of Seers Are Paramount
Sastras are many and varied--Dharma Sastra,...

June 2013

Devotion and Dedication to God Lead to Sreyas
Mind is the cause for man’...

May 2013

Keep Doing Good Alone
It is natural and justifiable for man to always aspire for good things in life...

April 2013

Satsang Promotes Higher Good
Man is always engaged in some activity or another. He cannot remain without...

March 2013

Unconditional Devotion for Eternal Fulfilment
Devotion to God is very essential for man. The Puranas extol its greatness....

February 2013

Indriya Nigraham Essential
Indriya Nigraham (control of the senses) is absolutely essential for man's...

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May 16 2014


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